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This article will show you how to add a Job Posting from the front-end of your site.


Important Notes

  • There will be costs associated with posting a Job Listing.
  • You must first read and agree to the Terms of Service before you can have the ability to post a job.



  1. Navigate to your front-end Jobs (

  2. Navigate to the My Job Postings tab

  3. Click Add Job Posting

  4. Add your Listing Information
    • Category: Select a category
      • Choose from Full List: View all categories
    • Display Starts: Choose when to begin to display the Job
    • Display For: Choose the length of the job posting display
    • Feature this listing for free: Featured job listings display on the top of all job listings and are designed to stand out from the others

  5. Click Continue

  6. Add Job Details
    • Job Title (required): Add a title
    • Job ID: Add an ID
    • Description: Add a description
    • Salary: Add a salary/salary range
    • Qualifications: Add any specific qualifications
    • Special Requirements: Add any special requirements
    • Miscellaneous: Add any other notes

  7. Click Continue

  8. Choose an option to continue
    • Preview: Open a preview of your listing in a new window
    • Proceed to Checkout: Purchase the listing for the duration specified
    • Pay Later: Pay for the listing at a later date

  9. Complete the transaction and view your listing

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