Recommended Navigation FAQs

A Recommended Navigation is when the CivicPlus team reviews the existing client website and provides a recommendation for a new global structure. Once the global structure is approved, the Content team will use their expertise to reorder pages within that new global structure.

  • With Consulting: Your Consultant will provide the recommendation during the Consulting Engagement. 
  • Without Consulting: Your Content Specialist will provide the recommendation to you via your Project Manager.

A global structure or "globals" are the navigational anchors across the top of the homepage.

When the Content Specialist builds out a Recommended Navigation, they analyze the existing site and, if available, your site analytics for the last 12 months looking for high-hit areas and trends. The Specialist also uses historical knowledge of navigational best practices and current trends to provide these recommendations.

The Specialist will recommend the new global structure as well as graphic buttons. Globals are generally items that are considered to be good overarching “categories” while the recommended buttons are generally generated based on the results of items searched by your citizens as well as frequently visited pages.

If you have specific things you’d like to see in either your global navigation or your graphic buttons, we are definitely open to working with you on whatever you have in mind. Be sure to relay this information to your Project Manager.

Your Project Manager will notify you when the recommendation is ready for your review. Once you have had a chance to review, your Project Manager will notify you when your final approval is due.

The Content team will implement the new global structure and site navigation for you before the website is presented to your team.

Yes. If you have global items you have already selected, you can submit these to your Project Manager and this information will be relayed to your Content team for implementation.

No. The Content team will utilize best practices and analytics to lay out your site navigational structure beneath the chosen globals. If you wish to choose where pages live, then your team would be wholly responsible for rearranging the pages on the site. The Content team would then not reorganize the site for you. Learn how to move pages on your site.

You have the freedom to rearrange all of the pages on your site. Learn how to move pages on your site.

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