How to Break Up Content


Here is an example of how to break up content. Always ensure that you have added an Editor Widget to your page. This will allow you to input page content and use subheads, bulleted lists, images, and links. 


Example Page Title: Adoption Fees

Starting Content


  • Use Subheads to break up the content on the page. Subhead 1 should be used first and any secondary information should be in Subhead 2.
    • Cats & Kittens is in Subhead 1 (main subject)
    • What’s Included in the Fee is Subhead 2 (secondary subject to Cats & Kittens)
    • Subheads should be in Title Case
  • Lists
    • Lists of more than five items should be bulleted out for greater usability.
    • Alphabetizing lists increases scannability.


Edited Content


Breaking Up Paragraphs

The CivicPlus Best Practice is to have paragraphs with no more than five sentences. This increases usability by not overloading users with text to read. For every three paragraphs, we recommend adding a Subhead. This breaks up content so users can scan a page and find what they’re looking for.


In the Adoption Fees example, the main adoption fee was separated from what’s included to increase usability and scannability.

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