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Agenda Packets are a compilation of all the Agenda items, attachments and minutes in one file. Documents attach directly to the associated Agenda Center items. Items will display immediately following the meeting agenda and are collated in the same order as the items in the agenda. 

Simple Agendas only include the Agenda for the meeting. Packets can be uploaded, or they can be created in our system. An Agenda Packet is the meeting agenda as well as backup or supporting documentation for each item in that Agenda.

HTML and PDF versions

The HTML version will treat the agenda packet as a web page and open in a browser. It will never open up the full packet, but you will be able to click the links to view any of the supporting documentation. 

The Simple PDF version does not include back up documentation. The Full PDF Agenda Packet includes back up docs in order after the agenda for reference during the meeting. Item links are not in the PDF version. 

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