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It is possible to make a payment or donation through your CivicEngage website via CP Pay.

Important Note

  • The page below is a sample page. The form that you are using may appear differently and require different information. 


  1. Navigate to the ePay Form
  2. Fill in the fields

    • First Name: Your first name
    • Last Name: Your last name
    • Street Number: Your address number
    • Street Name: Your street name
    • Street Type: Your street type
    • Apt #: Your apartment number
    • City: Your city
    • State: Your state
    • Zip: Your zip code
    • Email Address: Your email address
    • Phone Number: Your phone number
    • Park to Receive Donation: The park that the donation should be applied to
    • Price: The amount that you would like to donate
  3. Select Proceed to Checkout
  4. Fill in the Payment Information
    • Order Contact
      • First Name: Your first name
      • Last Name: Your last name
      • Phone: Your phone number
      • E-mail: Your e-mail address
    • Billing Address
      • Street: Billing street
      • Apt/Ste/Bldg: Billing apartment, studio, or building number
      • City: Billing city
      • State: Billing state
      • Zip: Billing zip code
  5. Submit a Promotional Code if applicable
  6. Select Continue
  7. Complete the Card Information and Customer Information

    • Card Information
      • Card Number: Credit or debit card number
      • Expiry Date: Credit or debit card expiration month and year
      • CVV: Credit or debit card CVV code on the back
    • Customer Information
      • First Name: Your first name
      • Middle Name: Your middle name
      • Last Name: Your last name
      • Company Name: Your company name
      • Address One: First part of address
      • Address Two: Second part of address
      • City: Your city
      • Country: Your country
      • State or Province: Your state or province
      • Postal Code: Your zip code
  8. Click Make Payment



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