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Citizen engagement is becoming a greater challenge to local governments. Although citizens are more connected than ever before, there are still many barriers to communication between government and citizens, and yet citizens are increasingly expecting to be directly engaged and consulted by their local governments. Civil Space offers an innovative solution to a variety of citizen engagement challenges.

Civil Space is a citizen engagement platform that is committed to transforming communities through more effective communication between citizens and their governments. Civil Space focuses on improving the quality of public conversations to facilitate more positive civic engagement. By creating multi-directional empathy, building trust between citizens and government, and fostering collaboration, Civil Space helps governments engage diverse populations of citizens in achieving positive and sustainable change in their communities.



Civil Space delivers a robust solution to citizen engagement that is highly collaborative and customizable to your local community needs. At Civil Space, simplicity is key, and they are committed to delivering a product and user experience that doesn’t require a manual to navigate. At the center of the platform, is the powerful Project Hub, where governments can transform local issues into visually engaging and highly interactive community projects. Through the Project Hub, citizens can subscribe to the projects that are most relevant to them, receive updates through a variety of digital channels, and give feedback instantly through their personal devices. From there, the Civil Space platform allows administrators to go from completed engagements to understood results in record time using their advanced reporting and analysis tools. By creating easy channels for multidirectional communication, Civil Space helps local governments forge stronger relationships with their constituents and boost community engagement.

Civil Space supports local governments with a comprehensive knowledge base to respond to a variety of individual needs.  With hundreds of tutorials and product documentation available in just a few clicks, Civil Space ensures that their clients are fully able to realize their engagement designs. To receive technical support or to learn more about the Civil Space product and other available services, reach out to your account representative.


Recommended Product Usage with CivicEngage

The Civil Space platform enables governments to engage their constituents with a fully customizable project platform that can be tailored to meet their individual needs and create a unique and highly personal user experience. By integrating Civil Space with their CivicPlus site, governments can link project hub engagements to their community website and provide the context necessary to ensure that their constituents remain informed and engaged in local projects through one centralized location and from any personal device. This enhances the user experience and magnifies efforts towards a more engaged and informed populous.

Civil Space allows local governments to keep their data local with data centers in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. With multilingual accessibility and full compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Civil Space is prepared to meet diverse community needs and optimize data collection by obtaining high-quality feedback from diverse populations.

Integration with Civil Space will help governments address six major problems of civic engagement. It provides user-friendly resources to simplify difficult tasks. It prioritizes quality data that is informed, useful, and actionable. Its emphasis on diversity and its strategies for engaging millennials gives voice to the whole community, not just those that speak the loudest. It makes monitoring toxicity in community conversations easy, and it brings together disparate content and engagement tools on one central, easy-to-use platform. For more information about the partnership between CivicPlus and Civil Space, check out our blog and see how Civil Space can enhance your community engagement. 



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