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What personal data is being collected? 

Details of what is being collected by PiwikPro (Formerly Matomo / Piwik) can be found on the Tracking Data Scope for PiwikPro article. It should be noted, however, that Matomo is not collecting any data. CivicPlus only collects data on behalf of the client. 

Is personal data being sold or disclosed, if so to who?

CivicPlus does not share or sell any data. CivicPlus clients are considered the "Data Owner", while CivicPlus is considered the "Data Custodian". Data Owners will always have ownership of data.

Can someone opt-out of the sale of personal data?

CivicPlus is not the "Data Owner", and does not ever sell or share any information collected on behalf of the client AKA the Data Owner. If Data Owner chooses to sell or share data, the user would have to request from the Data Owner to opt-out.

Can users access their personal data that is collected?

Not at this time.

Can a user request to delete any personal information about them?

This would be a manual process that would start with a support ticket. The request would have to come in from the Data Owner. Product Engineering would have to be involved with the removal of information.

Can users opt-out of being tracked?

Yes. Piwik supports "Do Not Track" by default which CivicPlus has enabled. Any user can set their browser to "Do Not Track" to avoid being tracked.

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