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CivicEngage Search rankings are based on the frequency of a search term referenced within an item, as detailed in our Site Search Prioritization guide. ElasticSearch indexes our Title, Category, Tags (Page Keywords), Description, Content, and FileContent as separate fields, which means you can increase the weight of a search term that is matched in one of those fields more than another. You can change the Boosts applied to these fields per site in the Search Module Properties. You can also test different combinations of weighting Title, Category, Tags (Page Keywords), Description, Content, or FileContent to better reflect your expected rankings. The "Boost Fields" option allows you to add weight to different fields in Search. 

By default, all sites only boost Tags (Page Keywords) 1.5. This results in Pages more consistently ranked above Images and Documents, especially when Keywords are actively used on Pages. For example, if you prefer your search rankings prior to the Nov. 2, 2019 release, you can easily change them back by changing the {"tags":1.5} in Boost Field Search Ranking back to {“title”:1.5,"tags":1.25}. (Correct JSON formatting does not have spaces.)


Important Note

All changes made to these values impact all searches on your site, so we recommend testing with a large combination of your most popular searches and module content to make sure changes to return your desired rankings with one search term don’t negatively impact other search rankings



  1. Navigate to Modules > Site Tools > Search
  2. Select the Properties tab
  3. Set your preferred boost field rankings
  4. Select Save Changes

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