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The # Ref column allows you to view where images are linked and the number of times they are used, just like documents. This ensures that you can safely delete old images without fear of leaving broken images on pages. This article will show you how to view where images are linked.

Important Notes

  • Updates to this data take approximately 24 hours, so if you add an image in a new location you will not see it listed here until the next day.
  • The # Ref is not available for remotely hosted servers, such as Canadian BC sites.
  • Banner images are stored in Design Center, so they are not present in Image Repository folders and cannot be tracked or deleted in Document Center
  • Documents are tracked in different areas


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Document Center
  2. Select Image Repository
  3. Locate the desired folder
  4. Select the #Ref displayed number
  5. A prompt will appear that shows where the image is referenced
    • Note: The areas that are included in this feature are the areas that are related to the page creation process. This includes the following:
      • Alert Center
      • Calendar
      • Editor Widget
      • FAQs
      • Graphic Links
      • Image Widget
      • Info Advanced
      • Legacy Editor Widget
      • Linked pages
      • List Widget
      • News Flash
      • Quick Links
      • Related Documents Widget
      • Slideshow Widget
      • Staff Directory
      • Table Widget
      • Text Widget
    • Note: Banner images are stored in the Design Center, so they are not present in the Image Repository folders and cannot be tracked or deleted in Document Center
    • Note: Documents are tracked in fewer areas

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