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Link an Alert Center Item to a Web Address



You can now direct Alert Center widgets, and your Alert Bar to point to any custom web addresses without users first having to visit the Alert Center. In the Alert Center, you will be able to select which link “Read On” directs to when creating each alert.


Important Notes

  • This option is default false
  • Once selected for one web address, the option will be disabled for any additional links


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Alert Center 
  2. Select the category you would like the alert to be under select_the_category_for_the_alert.jpg
  3. Select Add Alert
  4. Fill in fields to Add an Alert
  5. Upload Image(s), if desiredselect_add_photo_s__to_upload_images.jpg
  6. Change "Read on..." Text, if desired
    •  Note: The default text is "Read on..." but any text can be used for the link (e.g. Details, Additional Info, etc.)
  7. Add related links regarding this alert add_related_links_to_the_alert.jpg
    • Web Address: Enter URL, either to your site or to an external web address
      • Note: This option is item-based, so the link will use web address on all Alert Center widgets and the Alert Bar for this item
    • Display Text: Enter display text for the web address. This is the text that users will click on to visit the web address
    • Open in new window: Select to open the web address in a new window
    • Add Additional Links: Select the plus sign (+) to add additional links
  8. Select Link Read On to this Web Address to link the "Read on..." text to the web address select_the_link_read_on_to_this_web_address_checkbox_to_link.jpg
  9. Your "Read on..." text will now link to the web address. 
    • Note: "Read on..." text will link to one of the Web Address fields under Link(s) within Alert Center, but links placed within the editor or anywhere else in the item will not

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