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Embed Your SeeClickFix Reporting Portal onto Your CivicEngage Site



This article will show you how to embed your SeeClickFix Reporting Portal into your CivicEngage site.


Important Note

If your site does not currently have Always SSL enabled, it is recommended that you enable Always SSL after identifying and addressing mixed content. Learn more about that here.


  1. Navigate to the Portal Settings page of your SeeClickFix site and click Embed and Share 
  2. Copy the shareable URL from the Embed and Share page of your SeeClickFix Portal settings
    • Note: Frame size can be adjusted in the Embed Options below. Default is Responsive Width (width=100% height=600px) but can be customized by selecting Fixed Size. 
  3. On your Engage site, make sure that Live Edit is turned ON 
  4. Navigate to the Page you wish to embed the Reporting Portal on and select the Widgets tab
  5. Drag and drop the Custom HTML widget into the desired location on your page
  6. Paste your Embed Code in the HTML field. Do not edit this code. 
  7. Select Done
    • Note: After you click Done, an Edit Custom HTML button will appear. This is not an error. The Reporting Portal will not show on the back-end of your site. 
  8. Select a Save option
    • Save: Save page as a draft
    • Save and Publish: Save and publish page on the live site
    • Save as Copy: Save page as a copy of the existing page
  9. Preview your page to view the Reporting Portal

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Article Feedback

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    Michael Jacoby

    The Notes states: 'If your site does not currently have Always SSL enabled, mixed content will not load.' Is that correct? I thought by not having it enabled, then mixed content does load...which you can then run the mixed content report and see anywhere there is HTTP on the site and fix it to make it https . Once everything is fixed, you can then enable Always SSL which at that time, it won't allow any HTTP on the site.