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Add an Image in the Editor Widget

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 This article will show you how to add an image in the Editor Widget. 

Important Note


  1. Navigate to your desired page
  2. Ensure that Live Edit is On
  3. Click into your Editor Widget
  4. Select the Image button from the toolbar
  5. Click Insert to add an image to the Editor
  6. Configure your image using the image toolbar
    • Replace: Choose to insert a different image
    • Align: Choose to align your image to the left, center, or right side of the widget
      • Note: Your image will align to the left by default
    • Remove: Delete the image from the Editor Widget
    • Insert Link: Add a link to your image
    • Display: Have the image display Inline with other content or Break Text
      • Note: Your image will Break Text by default
    • Style: Choose a Rounded or Bordered style 
      • Note: Your image will have no style by default
    • Alternative Text: Add alt text for your image
    • Change Size: Set the Width and Height of the image

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