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COVID-19 Hackathon Integrations


COVID-19 has confronted local governments all over the world with new challenges, but they are committed to overcoming those challenges, and CivicPlus is committed to equipping you with the tools you need to respond to local needs.

Here are the integrations now available to you which were completed during our recent COVID-19 Hackathon:


CivicEngage V5: Single-Site Only Integrations 

  • Create content in Alert Center and have it create content in News Flash too
  • Create content in News Flash and have it create content in Alert Center too


CivicEngage V5: One or More Subsite(s) 

  • Ability to set up above integrations on a single site
  • Create content in Alert Center on one site (most likely your main site), and that content will automatically be posted in Alert Center on one or all subsites
  • Create content in News Flash on one site (most likely your main site), and that content will automatically be posted in News Flash on one or all subsites


The integrations listed above are done at the category level. You will be able to define the category within each module that the content will be shared with. Fields will be mapped to the corresponding or closest matching field in the receiving module. Content will then appear in the receiving module as if it were created within that module.

Integrations can be set up so that content is pushed to the recipient module in draft or published status.


CivicEngage V5 and CivicReady: 

  • If a citizen subscribes to notifications on your website in Notify Me, that subscriber information will be sent to CivicReady for emergency notification purposes
  • If you create content in your Alert Center or News Flash modules, a notification will also be sent via CivicReady


To take advantage of these integrations please fill out this form.

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    Kevin Berrien

    Went to this article based on an email annoucing these new features as a free opt-in. That emails lists - "To learn more about these integrations, visit your CivicEngage Help Center." that links to this article, it tells the reader nothing that isn't within the email, and does not provide 'to learn more about these integrations'. How do they work, how do you use them, nothing...

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    Jason Harwell

    I'm getting an error message for the link to the integration form.