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Link the Alert Bar to a Web Address



You can link your Alert Bar to point to any custom web addresses without users first having to visit the Alert Center. In the Alert Center, you will be able to customize Alert Bar text and choose a link to direct it to when creating each alert.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Alert Center 
  2. Select the category you would like the alert to be under select_the_category_for_the_alert.jpg
  3. Add or Modify an Alert
  4. Fill in Alert Item fields as desired
  5. Select an Alert Bar display optionselect_an_alert_bar_display_option.jpg
  6. Change Alert Bar Text, if desired
    •  Note: The default text is "Emergency Alerts" but any text can be used for the link (e.g. Local Alerts, Weather Alerts, Coronavirus Alerts, etc.)
  7. Enter Alert Bar Link to link Alert Bar text to a web addressenter_alert_bar_link.jpg
  8. Your Emergency Alert text will now link to the web address. 

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