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Locating Resources with Keywords


The Document Center module is meant for living documents and any out of date or irrelevant documents should be replaced or removed. Both the Document Center and the Image Repository have features that allow you to search and find different items' locations. 


You can also locate resources through the effective use of keywords. Whenever a user creates a new page or edits an existing page, there is a field for keywords. 


Having keywords associated with a webpage will improve site search results. We recommend having 4ā€“7 keywords where all words appear in the page copy, then any alternative words that will help the webpage appear in site search results.


Recommended Prioritization of Adding Keywords

  1. Start with your top visited webpages
  2. Then with webpages that are known to be difficult to find
  3. Then main parent pages (Government, Community, Business & Development, and How Do Iā€¦)
  4. Continue to child pages below the parent pages



On the Pay My Utility Bill page, I would add the keywords:

  • utility bill
  • utility bills
  • water bill
  • water billing
  • sewer bill
  • sewer billing
  • green pay
  • pay online
  • auto pay

In comparison, on the Public Utilities page, I would add the keywords:

  • utilities contact information
  • electric service
  • water distribution & collection
  • water production
  • water reclamation facility
  • sanitary sewer responsibility
  • NPDES stormwater permits

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